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So, what's our club about?


Making awesome things with metal is super cool, and at Team 9651 we ensure that students are able to do so in a safe environment with great support. Students design and build their own VEX robots, learning about metal, gears, physics, along the way.


Computers are a great power, and a great responsibility: at Team 9651, we teach students both of these things. Students program our VEX Competition Robots, teach basic programming at Horizons Robotics, and often mentor each other at workshops.


At Team 9651, our ultimate goal is to teach students about the wonders of technology, with an emphasis on robotics. There's something for everyone, including regular club meetings, our Horizons program, workshops, or guided and self-learning resources.

Meet some of our members!

A tour of what we do.

Club Members working on building our competition robot.

VEX Robotics

At VEX Robotics, we design awesome robots to compete in VEX robotics competitions.

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The mBot, one of the robots we make in the Horizons Robotics program.

Horizons Robotics

At Horizons Robotics, we teach underprivileged students how to build and code their very own robots.

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Robotics students doing some coding!

Robotics Workshops

At Robotics Workshops, club members learn a variety of skills, including coding and soldering.

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Competitions Horizons Workshops

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Team 9651 is Upper Canada College's Robotics Club. We're entirely student-run, and compete in VEX Competitons, hackathons, and hold regular club meetings and workshops.

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